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May 15, 2012 1:00pm EDT
reversal, the obama administration has provided approximately $165 million to the u.n. fpa. mr. chen as we know was blinded by a severe fever as an infant. and is a self-taught lawyer. he garnered international attention in 2005 when he organizationed a class action lawsuit against local officials who are forcing women to undergo abortions and sterilizations to comply with china's one child per couple policy. there were as many as 130,000 involuntarily abortions and sterilizations performed in a county in a single year. in response to his heroic efforts to defend women and men from forced sterilization and women from forced abortion, mr. chen was sentenced to 51 months in prison on trumped up charges. >>> are corroborating his fears. chinese officials starting breaking in the homes of his family in the same village and rounding up those who have assisted him for interrogations. when local officials and thugs broke into the home of mr. guangcheng's his -- the day after the emergency hearing on may 4th. the chinese ministry of foreign affairs posted on their website, a chinese citizen like m
May 17, 2012 9:00am EDT
join us? mr. chen, you are on. >> mr. chen, welcome back. >> translator: i just want to talk to what happened to my other family members. around midnight a group of government led by the local township leader and raided my elder brother's home at midnight. >> translator: around midnight a group of thugs of the local authorities broke into my elder brother's home and just started beating them violently. >> translator: and my elder brother was taken away by this thugs and without any reasoning and then they came back and started beating up my nephew and for -- they use sticks and violently beating up him and then for three hours he's bleeding on his head and his face was not stopped and so this is so violent that my nephew to my knowledge had to defend himself. pinterest >> translator: this attack against my nephew for so-called intentional homicide is totally trumped up charge. and for himself at his own home to be accused of committing this crime of intentional homicide against the intruders is totally absurd and irrational, unreasonable. >> translator: 40 thugs and guards raided my
May 15, 2012 2:30pm EDT
is ago. we do now have shg schen guangc on the line. ann marie, would you join us? >> chen, mr. chen, you are on -- welcome back. [ speaking in foreign language ] [ speaking in foreign language ] [ speaking in foreign language ] >> translator: i just want to talk about what had happened to my other family members after i escaped from my own home. and on april 26th, around midnight, a group of chinese government, the local government hard thugs led by the township leader, and raided my elder brother's home at midnight. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> translator: around midnight there was a group of thugs by the chinese, the local authorities, just broke into my elder brother's home, and started beating them violently. [ speaking in foreign language ] [ speaking in foreign language ] >> translator: and my elder brother was taken away by these thugs and without any reasoning, and then they came back and started beating up my nephew, and for -- used stakes and violently had beaten up him and then for three hours, he's bleeding on his head and his face, which not stopped. so this is so vio
May 15, 2012 3:00pm EDT
. >> mr. chen, thank you so very much. we will continue -- this is the third hearing. the first one was last -- last november when we thought you had disappeared. this is the third hearing, and i can assure you as both the chairman of the china commission and the human rights committee of the house of representatives we will never cease in our advocacy for you, your family, your extended family, your friends and the very important human rights cause that you espoused, defending women from the crime of forced abortion and forced sterilization so thank you very much. [ speaking foreign language ] >> thank you. [ speaking foreign language ] [ speaking foreign language ] >> so i want to let you know that i have been praying for you, and your courage has inspired all of our women, and we -- i've been praying for you every day, and one day that this evil one-wild policy will be abolished soon. >> that's okay. >> thank you. >> mr. chen, thank you. [ speaking foreign language ] >> translator: i have a final word that i want to emphasize. those -- what had happened to my family and to my ext
May 17, 2012 7:00am EDT
a passport in the next two weeks. mr. chen has been in at the center of a diplomatic quarrel between the u.s. and china. martin patients is in beijing. >> initially, mr. chen was supposed to stay in china and pursue studies. that deal quickly unravelled in a matter of hours after mr. chen said beijing would not guarantee his safety. the blind activist now says he wants to study in the u.s. that position is supported by a the obama administration. mr. chen does not have a passport, although there has been movement on that front. here is what the blind activist had to say to us when we spoke to him a little bit earlier. >> [speaking foreign language] >> people from the immigration administration department have here. we had our pictures taken and forms were filled out. they said within 15 days. once they get the passport, they should not bother with this anymore. they did not promise the passport. they did not say anything definitely. i cannot look at the moment. my wife also needs approval to go outside. i believe it would not let me go out, even if i could walk. >> why is it taking so long
May 3, 2012 8:00pm PDT
reading these stories as they have been emerging. explain to me -- who is mr. chen and why is the entire world focused on him? is he that important? was he that fundamental of civil rights voice in china. >> well, you gave a pretty good synopsis of what he is trying to do what makes him unusual as an activist in china who has come to the attention and not positively so the chinese government is actually his instinct was to find a way to continue his activism while staying in china. the united states has a long history of -- of bringing activists from china, safe passage in asylum in the united states so this was potentially a revolutionary situation. unfortunately china has reverted back to form. they have been cracking down on dissidents for a number of years since the beijing olympics. they don't want to see a beijing spring, and it has been a very tough time for mr. chen and other activists. he was able to evade house arrest as a blind activist. extraordinary gesture of her rowism. >> the gesture really is something straight out of a hollywood script. you read the
May 15, 2012 8:00pm EDT
documents waiting to leave the country. mr. chen guangcheng speaks speechless by speakerphone. this is about two hours. >> the meeting will come to order. i want to thank all of you for joining us in this hearing for examining chinese rights defender chen guangcheng, and a lot of his family and others who have been targeted by chinese officials in connection to this case. this hearing will also focus on chen guangcheng cause. he is among the bravest defenders of women's rights in the world. he descended thousands of women from the most egregious, systematic state-sponsored explication and abuse of women in history. perverse forced abortions and involuntary sterilization per tennis one couple child policy. as a result of his defense, he suffered cruel torture, degrading treatment, unjust incarceration, and multiple beatings. the sheer magnitude of this exploitation of women has been largely overlooked and trivialized by many, and even enabled. the united nations population fund has for over 30 years supported and defended and whitewashed the crimes against women and children that chen guangch
May 15, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. mr. chen speaks of his hearing by speakerphone. this is two hours. >> meeting will come to order. i want to thank all of you for joining us for this hearing to examine the status of chinese human rights defender, chen guangcheng, and that of his family and others who have been targeted by chinese officials in connection with this case. this hearing will also focus on chen's costs. chen guangcheng is among the greatest defenders of women's rights in the world. chen descended thousands of women from the egregious systematic exploitation and abuse of women in human history. pervasive forced abortions and involuntary sterilization as part of china's one child per couple policy. and has suffered as a result of his defense, cruel torture, degrading treatment, unjust incarceration, and multiple beatings. the sheer magnitude of this exploitation of women has been largely overlooked and trivialized by many, and even enabled. the united nations population fund has for over 30 years supported, defended and whitewashed the crimes against women and children that chen struggle to expose. that is
May 4, 2012 7:00am EDT
. there have been conflicting reports as to whether mr. chen wanted to leave china ever since his dramatic escape from house arrest last week. we're going to bring you the press conference as soon as she starts speaking. first this report by martin patience in beijing. >> china's police have thrown a ring of security around the hospital. dissent isn't tolerated here, as these people outside the building found out. american officials continue to search for a solution to end this crisis. the deputy u.s. ambassador arrived at the hospital with mobile phones for chen guangcheng, but he wasn't allowed to enter the building. speaking on the phone, the blind activist said he'd been detained. >> let me tell you, i can tell you only one thing. my situation right now is very dangerous. for two days, american officials who have wanted to come and see me have not been allowed in. >> he had angered china authorities after exposing abuses under the country's one-child policy. after escaping from house arrest, he fought sanctuary at the u.s. embassy. -- he sought sanctuary at the u.s. embassy. earlier th
May 3, 2012 9:00pm PDT
to that kind of government activity is what mr. chen did before he was imprisoned for more than four years. he was released last year, only to be kept with his family under constant surveillance in a strict house arrest. his family says they were beaten regularly, particularly when they tried to communicate with the outside world. this is what happened in october of last year when a mcclatchy news reporter tried to reach his house to interview him. watch. >> in a split second after the man in black heard i was a journalist, he lunged through the window screaming and tried to drag my news assistant out of the car. this next scene picks up at what followed. the man in black sprinted back to the silver volkswagen and took off after us. >> 11 days ago, mr. chen escaped house arrest and in a daring intrick cattily planned plot, he pretended to be sick and bed ridden for weeks. on a moonless night, he sneaked past sleeping guards and heaved himself over the first of several walls, injured himself badly during his escape. he hurt his foot and got in touch with fellow rights activists who helped hide
May 21, 2012 6:00pm PDT
of the people he had to leave behind. joining me now is a professor of law at new york university where mr. chen will be steady. mr. cohen, thank you for joining us. how has it been for him to arrive in the u.s.? gretzky is doing very well. i just -- >> he is doing very well. i just had dinner with him and his wife. they have only been here 50 hours, but they are already adjusting. good indeed, 50 hours in the united states. as you mentioned, still adjusting to the new life in america. you mentioned in another conversation that mr. chen is seriously troubled because he cannot protect others who protected him in china. >> that is right. he inevitably feel guilty about leaving, especially his nephew, who is locked up in criminal the tension in their village -- criminal the tension in their village. and others also who aided him when he got to beijing and needed shelter before he found his way to the american embassy. >> now that he is just a few days in the united states, has he already told you what his future plans are? does he still planned to eventually go back to china? >> yes, that is the ho
May 4, 2012 4:00pm PDT
to go to america. the u.s. deputy ambassador had the mediation of being prevented from seeing mr. chen. -- the u.s. deputy ambassador had be a humiliation of being prevented from seeing mr. chen. an american doctor and translator were the only ones allowed in. he has been allowed to to apply to go abroad if he wanted. hillary clinton had been meeting with the chinese leaders to talk about how they could work together. what might make this easier, news that a u.s. university has offered mr. chen a law fellowships. >> progress as a maid to help him get the future that he wants. we will be staying in touch with him. >> for now, hillary clinton wraps up meetings with chinese leaders and prepares to leave. there is no resolution of the crisis with chen guangcheng. there is an opposite t2 and it -- -- there is an opportunity to end it, but will china let him go? >> will of the unemployment numbers provide ample fodder for both republicans and democrats? job creation has slowed for a second straight month. the u.s. economy has created 150,000 jobs in april. president obama said that it is tim
May 3, 2012 1:00pm EDT
government was before he was released to go i can tell you that mr. chen repeatedly made clear his desire was to stay in china and relocate. as part of that, we had discussions with beijing officials to receive assurances and did receive assurances that he would not be harassed upon release. we make clear we would continue to monitor his case and be in touch with him as time moves on so that we could raise concerns if there were concerns that needed to be raised. beyond that, i would refer you to the state department. >> is the president concerned that this particular issue could have a wider impact on overall u.s./china relations? to g >> we have a broad base relationship with china that is multi faceted and has an economic trade component, security component, a regional component, as well as a human rights aspect. it goes beyond that even. we are pursuing that relationship across the board, and we will continue to do so. this is obviously a case that has done a lot of attention. fairly high-profile and exceptional, and we're working on that issue, but even as we do, we have a broad rela
May 3, 2012 9:00am PDT
't look good. >> well, understand that mr. chen was trying to do something that was unique without precedent. normally the united states tries to work to bring activists out of china where they feel they are threatened. mr. chen specifically had the united states negotiate with china. he wanted to be reunited with his family, he wanted to be relocated to a safer place, he wanted to be able to study the law, and he wanted to continue his work to try to expand civil society within china. now i think 24 hours later it appears he has a change of heart. he now believes that china will not live up to the terms of its agreement. the united states officials as i understand it talking to them this morning are trying to reach mr. chen so they can ascertain if he's had a change of heart and obvious the course will take its own course depending on what he tells them. unfortunately, the chinese officials are preventing that from happening. >> that's the question. how much can we do now that he's no longer in u.s. custody. i thought it was interesting after this new information that chen guangch
May 4, 2012 4:00am PDT
with mr. chen, they also met with his wife in person. now these developments could help get secretary of state hillary clinton out of a tough spot. mr. chen made a direct appeal to secretary clinton to take him back to the united states with her. mr. chen is still being held in a beijing hospital after his daring escape from house arrest under the cover of night. you'll remember he slipped past chinese guards back on april 22nd. he was then drifg ven to the u. embassy in beijing where he sought refuge until this past wednesday where he left for medical treatment at the hospital where he was reunited with his wife and two children. yesterday chen made it clear he regretted leaving the embassy saying he was concerned for both his and his family's safety. and he said he wanted to leave china with secretary clinton. at a state department press briefing yesterday, spokesman mark toner was asked by our state department producer about america's plan of action. >> we're not sure, in fact, what his intentions are, what his goals are, now that he's had a change of heart. >> i think there's no d
May 17, 2012 9:30am EDT
praying for you every day and one day that this evil one child policy will be abolished soon. >> mr. chen, thank you. >> i have-- >> translator: i have a final word i want to emphasize that what have happened to my family members are just a total violation of china's own law, including china's relevant law about the family planning system. so what they have done is total in violation of the chinese own law so this should be held accountable by the chinese own law. this is what i want to emphasize. >> thank you, mr. chen. >> i think we're close to concluding this hearing. i want to thank our very distinguished witnesses and ask them if perhaps they might have some final comments they would like to make. i do and i say this with all due respect to the president of the united states, i am concerned when the united states government, when president obama was a asked about chen guangcheng specifically on human rights he said no comments on chen and that human rights he said "it comes up." my hope is we're are in a change of our appraisal of human rights in china and perhaps elsewhere in the wo
May 4, 2012 2:30pm PDT
. the u.s. embassy doctor and a translator were allowed in. as they visited, china announced that mr. chen could go abroad if he would like. the crisis has come just as hillary clinton has been in beijing trying to build a better relationship with china. the u.s. university has offered mr. cehn a fellowship. -- mr. chen a fellowship. >> progress has been made to get in the future that he wants. we will be in touch with them. >> for now, hillary clinton wraps up a meeting with chinese leaders and prepares to leave. there is no resolution in the crisis over chen guangcheng. there is an office in a tutu and it, but will china let him go? -- there is an opportunity to end it, , but will china let him go? >> nicolas sarkozy and his hollande,ncois are heating up. we have a report on what could be a photo finish. >> both of these candidates have been on the campaign trail now for months. we are here at the end of the road. it is decision time for the french voters. it has been kind of a bruising and angry campaign. today was busy. both candidates bouncing around the country in an attempt to encou
May 2, 2012 6:00pm PDT
is attending. with the details still marching as to why mr. chen left the nsc, that will cast a shadow over the talks. we understand he has talked to the reuters news agency. he has repeated he wants to leave the country with his family. certainly the sensitive topic for china and america. the u.s. secretary of state, hillary clinton, will come under pressure on this point particularly as in the past, she has spoken about chen guangcheng's case so publicly. >> the u.s. might come under pressure. china wants to apologize for their alleged role in this -- his escape. is there evidence of the u.s. in this case? >> the chinese authorities have said he was taken into the embassy through what it called at normal channels. certainly the american officials confirmed that and said it was a humanitarian case. they said he was given medical treatment in the embassy before leaving to the hospital yesterday. certainly from china opposing point of view, there is a great deal of anger over this case. this has been a huge embarrassment for beijing. once again it is the focus -- puts the focus on the issue
May 4, 2012 6:00pm PDT
mr. chen. the mobile phones he had for him were left on the doorstep. the way was barred by plane closed -- by plain-clothed thug. china announced that he could, like any citizen, go abroad. across town, hillary clinton was meeting china's leaders to find a way to work together with a rise in superpower. they can deal together on conflicts in north korea and iran. there is news that a u.s. university has offered mr. chen a lot fellowship. >> progress has been made to help him have the future that he wants. we will be staying in touch with him. >> tonight, as hillary clinton wraps up her meeting with the chinese leaders and prepares to leave this country, there is no resolution to the crisis over chen guangcheng. the dilemma goes on. there is an opportunity to end it, but will time to let him go? -- will china let him go? >> this is "bbc news," still ahead -- campaign comes to an end in france. will it be nicolas sarkozy or socialist candidate francois hollande? german doctors call to the ukraine to examine yulia tymoshenko have said that she can remain for treatment. she claims to
May 2, 2012 5:00am EDT
's also understandable that it's no question for the u.s. ambassador to offer shelter for mr. chen for an extended period. similar to what they did for one in tiananmen square, so i believe the u.s. has ongoing negotiations with beijing over important strategic matters. other politicians will be attacking president obama for caving to chinese pressure. >> just to tell you the bbc activists have seen chen guangcheng's wife in the hospital and she is confirming she and the children are well and chen guangcheng himself is having a medical check-up. we will bring you news as it comes in. >> six are killed outside the cairo ministry. they were protesting. the political tension has come over a year after the defeat of hosni mubarak. what's happened in the last few hours? >> the demonstrators have been outside the ministry for days. they have been attacked before. but not on this scale. these unidentified thugs went in with stones and rocks and fire bombs but also firing with shotguns as well. five deaths are acknowledged and up to 150 people that were injured are now being treated and th
May 4, 2012 5:00am EDT
the hospital behind us. just yesterday american diplomats were forced to wait outside the building and mr. chen guangcheng said they were not allowed to visit him. in a statement it said mr. chen can apply to study in the u.s. like any other chinese citizen. that suggests there may be a solution at hand to end this crisis. >> now to france where one of the candidates is warning against euphoria and complacency while the other warns against mad experiments with the economy. the frontrunner and incumbent, nicolas sarkozy is at its narrowist. our bbc continue following each and every buildup. katya? >> it's actually quite nail biting. as many people here saying there's rarely in recent years been such a close call in the second round of the elections. it's about economic politics. french people say the economy is number one on their mind and the international market is watching. this is a huge european economy. who will be president will affect the economic policies in the euro zone. joining me to have a chat more about what it could mean is the university's expert. francois hollande is in the le
May 4, 2012 7:00am PDT
. >> but the administration's handling of mr. chen's situation has become political fodder for candidate mitt romney. listen to what he had to say -- >> our embassy failed to put in place the verifiable measures that would ensure the safety of mr. chen and his family. if these reports are true, this is a dark day for freedom and it's a day of shame for the obama administration. we are a place of freedom. here and around the world and we should stand up and defend freedom wherever it is under attack. >> in fact, the chinese government now says they will accept mr. chen's plection for travel documents but there is no telling how long that process could take. pull on those gardening gloves. and let's see how colorful an afternoon can be. with certified advice to help us expand our palette... ...and prices that give us more spring per dollar... ...we can mix the right soil with the right ideas. ...and bring even more color to any garden. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. lay down a new look, with earthgro mulch, now three bags for just $10. hi, i just switched jobs, and i want to roll
May 3, 2012 3:00pm PDT
. is the situation any clearer tonight, at least as far as mr. chen's desire to leave china? including expressing a desire to leave on hillary clinton's plane. >> well, pretty much over the last 24 hours he has been in touch with friends and foreign media intermittently turning a cell phone on that was given to him and he's said repeatedly he wants to leave. he feels very cut off in the hospital and he feels his family's life is in danger. now, it seems to have taken the state department quite some time to get that message but this evening they said they, indeed, had confirmed his desire to leave and they were seeking additional information from him as to how to go forward. >> what is his status? he's not simply a patient in a hospital, presumably. is he a prisoner? is that clear at all? >> it's not terribly clear. he's not confined to the hospital. he seems to be unable to leave. the state department said that officials had spoken with him by phone twice today. his wife and two children who joined him upon his release in the hospital yesterday, his wife has been able to come out and meet with u.
May 25, 2012 1:00am PDT
because in the past when we have reported on mr. chen, they have cut off the live transmission. they censored us. you can watch to see if china will censor our broadcast yet again. there's a slight delay. that's why they're watching the christian bale part. he is here with his wife and children, but he's worried about the relatives left behind. one of his brothers also managed to slip out of the heavily guarded village we understand. as we said the chinese government is very sensitive about all of this. and again, as you watch this interview, watch that little box at the bottom of the screen to see if the chinese government decides to censor so that their people don't hear what mr. chen is going to say. here's the interview i gave -- i had with mr. chen guangcheng earlier today. on the night of april 22nd, a blind activist in china makes a daring escape. chen guangcheng a self-taught lawyer and advocate for the poor had been a prisoner in his own home for more than 18 months. during that time he and his wife were periodically and savagely beaten by the chinese guards. in his fi
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May 3, 2012 3:00pm PDT
assure the safety of mr. chen and his family. if these reports are true this is dark day for freedom and day of shame for obama administration. >> at no pointed during the embassy did mr. chen ever request of political asylum and he wanted to stay in china and continued his education. >> john: chen guangcheng continues to be in chinese custody after being at the u.s. embassy for a number of dates. his fate is uncertain. let's bring our panel, bill crystal, can you remember sentence power and charles krauthammer. let's get your take on this. chen says he was let down, was he abandoned. >> you have two different stories coming out but the story he has given and he has given extensive interviews he felt he was lied to. he didn't have all the information he got. basically that his wife and children's lives were in danger. he had the expectation that the embassy would stay with him. instead they left him alone. he is blind and injured. they left him alone in the hospital. he didn't have an expectation he would be just be left there. now, they can't have any physical contact with him. >> d
May 15, 2012 3:00am EDT
and have a wonderful afternoon. det without charge for 19 months. mr. chen is currently awaiting travel documents to come to the u.s. >>> over the past year, c-span's local content vehicles cities tour has taken book tv and american history telephone on the road. from tampa to savannah, charleston to knoxville, birmingham and baton rouge, and last month in oklahoma city. the lcv crews have visited the places that define a city's literary and heritage life. watch for programming from wichita, kansas on book tv and american history tv on c-span 2 and 3. >>> saturdays this month, c-span radio is airing more from the nixon tapes, secretly recorded phone conversations from 1971 to 1973. this saturday at 6:00 p.m. eastern, hear conversations between president nixon and white house special counsel and key adviser chuck colson, who passed away last month as they talk about the democratic presidential nominee, george mcgovern. >> he doesn't have the stuff, mr. president. he really doesn't. >> you really think so? >> no. and he is on the verge of an impending -- >> disaster? >> disaster from his
May 3, 2012 12:00pm PDT
the threats to mr. chen and the failure of the u.s. to get him out of there. he called it, and i'm quoting, a dark day for freedom and a day of shame for president obama. as a representative of the president with expertise in diplomacy, is this really a sensible thing to start shouting when we have the secretary of state actually in china at this moment and this man's fate very much in the lap of the gods. >> governor romney has been flip flopping on issues from libya, where he initially had one position and flip flopped to another after the president was successful in forming an international coalition and a victory there. to not outlining a timetable in afghanistan, to saying that he would not pursue bin laden or targts in pakistan as a candidate for president in 2007. we're never quite sure where governor romney is on these issues. maybe what he is saying today is not too surprising. i think the president has taken the responsible, the courageous, and the right decision with respect to our relationship with china. look, martin, we all want a peaceful and successful rise of china. we all
May 4, 2012 12:00pm PDT
administration. >> all of our efforts with mr. chen have been guided by his choices and our values. >> a fresh faced kid who can relate to the youthful now he is old grandpa gray hair. >> there is a wild and crazy man inside here. >> static electricity. but still electricity. >> let's get right to our panel. political commentator abby huntsman joins us, along with jonathan capehart and politico's ken vogel. good afternoon to everyone. abby, let's start with you. you were a resident in the ambassador's residence in china. what do you think has happened with regard to the dissident this week? >> let me say watching the top line. you're going to miss the circus so don't get too excited about this. >> i am. we love it. >> i did live in beijing this past year and it is inconceivable that they would have let mr. chen go. i can't figure it out i imagine that hillary and geithner probably put a lot of pressure on ambassador locke and the embassy to make a quick fix as the strategic and economic dialogue was about to go on. but this really was a quick fix. and i don't think that it was the right thing
May 3, 2012 4:00pm PDT
today, mr. chen said his wife was tied to a chair by the police, kept there for two days. china had broken its promise to protect his rights. his family were afraid. chen guangcheng says that china's assurances that his family will be safe are worthless. inside the hospital, he is surrounded by chinese security, no u.s. diplomats there to protect him. he appealed to hillary clinton for help. she was today meeting china's leaders in beijing for annual talks aimed at building a working relationship between the u.s. superpower and a rising china. both sides have wanted a standoff over the blind chen guangcheng settled quickly. the day after u.s. diplomats were congratulating themselves on a deal hailed as a new model for china allowing dissidents to stay in the country, it's all unraveled. this is what was happening inside the hospital grounds. american diplomats supposed to be monitoring chen's welfare were kept waiting in the car park. chen guangcheng told us the guards are prevented them from seeing him. no friends or lawyers have been into see limit. he is cut off. in the van, chin
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